Our Tokens

OMKG (OmniKingdoms Gold)

OMKG stands as the intrinsic in-game currency within OmniKingdoms. Players can earn OMKG tokens by completing quests and participating in the arenas. These tokens hold utility within the gaming environment, allowing players to acquire various in-game items from the shop, enhancing their gaming experience.


the main OMKG utilities are the in-game features, like in-game purchases of Equipments (gear in general, swords, armor, boots, shield), potions to heal Health or Mana and Arena, where the player pays a fee to participate and can get some tokens in reward if the player wons the fight.


On our Erc20 contract we have a minter Role, this role points to the our game Diamond Contract(the contract that handles all in-game actions, functions, and data) and when a user wants to bridge OMKG tokens into the in-game Gold Currency, we call the claimGoldfromERC20 function that will burn user OMKG token and mint the in-game Gold Currency. The opposite happens when the player wants to bridge in-game Gold Currency to OMKG tokens, we call the mintGoldERC20 function that will Mint OMKG tokens back to the user.