Token Distribution
Total Supply10M
Initial Liquidity3M (Seed liquidity for pools)
In-Game Emission2M (Players can get OMKG by completing quests and winning tournaments)
Team1M (Locked for 6 months cliff, another 6 months linear)
DAO Treasury4M (When the governance is established, DAO will own the treasury)

Current Supply

3,000,000 OMKG

initial Liquidity

All the initial Supply of 3,000,000 OMKG was added to the LP:

Add Liquidity tx: (opens in a new tab)

WETH/OMKG LP on Scroll: (opens in a new tab)

In-Game Emission

Further in the game we will have Missions/Quests and tournaments to reward the players with new tokens.


Team will own 10% of the Total Supply that will be locked, date of mint will be announced to the players with all the txs.

DAO Treasury

Our plan for the Future is to create a DAO to control the governance of the Token and the Project, Develpment and Marketing investiments will be decided by the DAO and payed from the Treasury.