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PvE - Player Versus Environment

PVE: Player Versus Environment

In the realm of Player Versus Environment (PVE), the selected code is part of a function in the MonsterFacet contract that handles combat between players and basic monsters. The code performs the following actions:

  1. Checks if the player is idle.
  2. Verifies that the player is the owner of the monster.
  3. Ensures the player is strong enough to defeat the monster.
  4. Calculates the damage dealt to the monster based on the player's strength and defense.
  5. Checks if the player has enough health to deal the calculated damage.
  6. Verifies if the player has waited long enough since their last combat encounter with the monster.
  7. Checks if the player is strong enough to defeat the monster.
  8. Rewards the player with experience points.
  9. Reduces the player's health.
  10. Resets the cooldown for the monster.

The code's purpose is to maintain a balance in the game, ensuring that players are challenged but not overpowered in combat, thus keeping the game fair and enjoyable for all participants.

Each basic monster can be defined with the following attributes:

  • basicMonsterId: A unique ID for the BasicMonster.
  • xpReward: The amount of experience points awarded to the player when they defeat this monster.
  • damage: The amount of damage that this monster deals to players.
  • hp: The maximum health points of this monster.
  • cooldown: The number of seconds that must pass before this monster can be fought again.
  • name: The name of this monster.
  • uri: A link to an image of this monster.

These variables are all of the same type, such as uint256 (a 256-bit unsigned integer) or string (a variable-length string of characters). The order of the variables in the struct is important, as it determines the layout of the data in memory.

Fighting Magic Monsters

Fighting Magic monsters is a similar process, except they cost mana, and rather than using strength, the battle damage is calculated using ability power. Players can benefit from fighting magic monsters because they provide more experience points, allowing players to level up faster.